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Bubble News

Inexpensive bubbles found at the dollar store work great for any of these tricks.

We also have bubble recipes that you can make yourself at home.

Click here for the recipes

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Help us build Story Soup Kids.  Send us your stories, jokes or favorite recipes.  We would be happy to add them to the site!


Bubble Fun

Ode to a Bubble

Bubbles, bubbles all around -
Both big and small ones to be found!
Some offer fun and tricks for you,
While others have their jobs to do!

The bubbles that you blow up high
Can catch a breeze and almost fly!
With bubble tricks you'll be the best
And show your skills to all the rest!

Detergent bubbles can get mean
To get your clothes and dishes clean.
Their power comes from plants or oil -
They do their job to bust your soil!

It's true that bubbles can be fun
But then, when all their work is done
It's down the drain to meet their fate
And Poof! They just evaporate!

Turn the Bubble Inside-Out

Blow a bubble, leaving it on the wand.  (If it leaves the wand...catch it back to it)

Using a dry finger, touch the surface of the film that is covering the hole of the wand.  Carefully remove your finger and watch the bubble go back into the wand.

Now, turn the wand over and blow a new bubble.

Tada - you now have an inside-out bubble!

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