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Kids in the Kitchen

Kids Can Help in the Kitchen

I remember cooking with my mom when I was very young.  I could not even see over the counter top yet, so I would stand on a chair and help.

Looking back to that time, I guess that the most important part was spending time with her.  Keeping the tradition going, I did the same thing with my boys and both of them enjoy being in the kitchen helping out.

Although, maybe it has something to do with our family rule:  If you cook it then everyone else cleans up and does dishes.  Maybe they would rather cook than clean?

Here are some ideas to get you started in the kitchen:

Ages 3 to 6:
Stir ingredients in a bowl. The larger the spoon and the larger the bowl, the better!
Wash vegetables and fruits at the sink.
Tear lettuce for a salad
Play in the bubbles from the dishwater.

Ages 6 to 8:
Set the table
Use a child safe knife to cut soft foods, such as fruits or breads.
Blend or beat ingredients - works out some of that excess energy.
Find the needed measuring cups and spoons. Children this age can fill them as well.

Ages 8 to 10:
Begin to make kid friendly recipes alone, with adult supervision at hand.
Begin to use kitchen tools such as blender, hand mixer, can opener with close adult supervision.
Start microwave cooking process by putting items in the microwave and setting the number pad correctly. Parents should still remove hot items from the microwave.

Ages 10 to 12:
Kids can begin to use the oven and the stove, with adult supervision.
Begin using sharper tools for cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing, again must have adult supervision.
Continue to make kid friendly recipes with less adult help.

Ages 13 to 16:
Using kid friendly recipes, begin making multiple dishes for a complete meal with little adult supervision.

The age groups are just an estimate. Once you master a level you can move on to the next level. Before you know it, following recipes and cooking will be easy as pie!

Kelly Haugen
Story Soup Kids

*Children should always be supervised when preparing or cooking in the kitchen.

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