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Valentine's Day

Candy Wrist Corsage

1 sheet each of pink, purple and red craft foam
Hot glue gun
1 set of self adhesive Velcro® disks
Craft Utility knife
Safety scissors
1 bag of candy Hearts

  1. Print out the corsage template

    Click on picture to print out corsage template

  2. Cut out a pink flower and a purple flower from craft foam using the template.
  3. Hot glue the pink flower on top of the purple flower, making sure that the purple petals show through between the pink petals.
  4. Cut a strip of red craft foam 1 inch wide by 6 inches long to form the wristband.
  5. Hot glue the flower to the center of the red strip.
  6. Select 6 candy Hearts of different colors.
  7. Arrange them in a circle, with the point of the Candy Hearts facing towards the center, in the middle of the flower.
  8. Add the Velcro® disks to each end of the wristband making sure you position them for a snug fit around your child's wrist.

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