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Make a Farm Book!

Farmer, Farmer, What do you see?

For the total book you will need several pages of construction paper, colors of your choice. This will be the your pages to the book. You will create different farm animals and they will be placed on these pages. You will need to write at the TOP of each page…

Farmer, Farmer, What do you see?

At the BOTTOM of each page you will need to write…

I see a ________ looking at me. (Fill in the animal on the pages in blank)

You can connect these pages many different ways either in a binder, punch holes in paper and tie back with yarn or connect with rings. Choose what works best for you.

Print out Farmer page

Use water colors to paint the picture of the farmer.

Print out pig shape

Color the pig with pink chalk.

Print out cow shape

Using a black, washable stamp pad, place finger prints all over the cow for spots.

Print out hen/chicken shape

Use Q-Tips and yellow paint to paint the picture of the hen.

Print out the horse picture

Use different shades of Brown and Tan Crayons AND Colored Pencils for this one.

Print out the goat picture

Dip an old toothbrush into gray paint. Hold the toothbrush over your goat then rub your finger on the toothbrush bristles. This will cause the paint to shake off the toothbrush onto your goat picture.

Finally, cut each farm animal out and glue them to the construction paper you chose before you began.  Add the wording to your book and create the book explained above.

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