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More Alphabet Fun

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More Themed Craft Projects

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Finger Print ABC Flash Cards

Card Stock
Washable Stamp Pad

Write each letter of the alphabet on a piece of card stock using the pencil. Then use your finger or thumb to make prints on the lines of the letter. Once you are done you will have a complete set of flash cards.

Alphabet Scrapbook

1 Subject notebook
Old Magazines
Blunt Child Scissors or Mommy Size Scissors
Glue Stick

Decorate the front of the alphabet Scrapbook. Use a marker to label each page of the scrapbook with an alphabet letter. Look in the old magazines to find pictures that go with each letter and cut them out. Try to find multiple pictures for each letter. The more pictures the better. Glue them on to the correct page.

Letter Puzzles

Card Stock or Foamy Craft Foam
Markers or Sharpies
Blunt Child Scissors or Mommy Size Scissors

There are a couple ways to do this craft.

One way is to write out the alphabet on the cards stock. Next, cut this card stock up in to pieces. Then the challenge is to put the alphabet puzzle back together again.

Another way to do this is for Mom to use a Sharpie marker and write the alphabet on a piece of Foamy Craft Foam. Then you can cut the foam into pieces to form a puzzle. Again, the challenge is to put the puzzle together again.

Ask other family members to try as well. Time each other. Make it a family game.

Edible Alphabet

Alphabet Cereal
Softened Cream Cheese
Graham Cracker
Plastic Knife or Craft Stick

Spread cream cheese over the graham cracker using the plastic knife or a craft stick. Next , use a bowl alphabet cereal and find one of the following: the letter of the day, one of each letter in the alphabet or the letters in your name. Place the findings on the cream cheese graham cracker.  Eat and enjoy when done.

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