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Read the Soup Stories Submitted by Story Soup Kids:

* Gorillas
* Scarlet the Hippo
* A Child's Life/
* Friends
* Grandma's House
* The Great 

* Happy Cat and the

* Happy Ever After
* A Kitten Named Twinkie
* Lenny the Penguin
* The Monkey and the Cap Seller
* Niagara Falls
* The Nice Loving Family

Grandma's House


The little boy Jimmy Meet Jimmy, a boy with a broken leg and the little girl Beth  Meet Beth, a dancer went out for a walk. Their mother said “no”. And they were sad on their way outside. So their Mother came out and said “guys, come back in the house”, and they did.

Award RibbonAfter they came back in, their Mother said “You get a nice little sticker”   and go get some books and have a good time at Grandmom's house. And when they came home from their Grandmom's house, their Mom said, “why don’t we meet your friends to the park.”

Mom called their friends’ Mom and their friends Mom said yes. And when Jimmy and Beth came home from the park they told their Mom that they hurt their elbows on the slide. And Mom said, “take a little rest and then maybe we should go to the beach.”

And they read some books and then they went to the beach. Stack of books

The End.

Age 4
August 20th, 2004