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Read the Soup Stories Submitted by Story Soup Kids:

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* Scarlet the Hippo
* A Child's Life/
* Friends
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* The Great 

* Happy Cat and the

* Happy Ever After
* A Kitten Named Twinkie
* Lenny the Penguin
* The Monkey and the Cap Seller
* Niagara Falls
* The Nice Loving Family


Growing Up With My Dog Blackie

There was a girl who wanted to save the gorillas. Her name was Kelsey. She liked gorillas. She made a website for gorillas, but nobody cared. She cried. Her teacher thought she was weird and told her to forget about it. She went home and told her mommy. Her mommy bought her a baby gorilla for her birthday which was tomorrow. She was happy. She saved the gorillas.

The End.

Written by Lindsay
Age 6

Submitted January 15, 2007

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