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Read the Soup Stories Submitted by Story Soup Kids:

* Gorillas
* Scarlet the Hippo
* A Child's Life/
* Friends
* Grandma's House
* The Great 

* Happy Cat and the

* Happy Ever After
* A Kitten Named Twinkie
* Lenny the Penguin
* The Monkey and the Cap Seller
* Niagara Falls
* The Nice Loving Family

Happy Cat and the Chicken

Happy Cat  Happy Cat stepped in mud and got messy. That is why Happy Cat didn't go to sleep.

Happy Cat went by a pumpkin Pumpkin near a scarecrow Scarecrow with Pumpkin  then  Taylor went up with her chicken in her hands and the chicken jumped out of her hands and pecked Happy Cat.
Meet Taylor

Happy Cat runs as far far away from the chicken. Then he saw a boy named Shawn. Shawn said hello Happy Cat what are you doing out here in the dark? Happy Cat said he needed to go potty. Shawn kept Happy Cat for a pet and taught him to do tricks.  Meet Shawn

The End!

Age 5

Submitted: September 16, 2004