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A Kitten Named Twinkie

A Kitten Named Twinkie

Once there was a little girl named Victoria, her family loved cats her mother, father, and brother had one. But not her. Her old babysitter told her she had a cat and it just had kittens.A Kitten Named Twinkie

Victoria went to go pick one out, finally she picked a yellow one. She named him Twinkie because he looked liked that pastry they sell, Twinkies.

After hours when she came home she played with with Twinkie for hours.  The next day Victoria left for her first day of fifth grade Twinkie got out of bed and noticed Victoria was gone.

Then moms, dads, and brother Daniels cats walked up. "I'm Flower, and this is my husband and daughter, Cheeto and Pinkie what's your name?"

"My names Twinkie." he squeaked. The other cats laughed. "A pastry huh? May I eat you?" teased Pinkie. "No," sniffed Twinkie. "You must be joking about this attitude." said Twinkie tougher.

The cats stop teasing. "Can I be your friend?" asked Twinkie. The three cats looked at each other, "Uh sure they said". And they all sat down and told about themselves and told jokes." And Twinkie was always protected by them by the bully cats and in return, Twinkie shared his kitty cream with them.

By Victoria
Submitted February 10, 2005