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The Nice Loving Family

Scarecrow with Pumpkin Once a day the Scarecrow scared Happy Cat away.  Happy Cat Shawn and Taylor scared the scarecrow away, but the Happy Cat went up up up the stairs to check if the Pumpkin was in the tank. The Pumpkin was out. The Pumpkin was outside checking if the flowers were growing.  Pumpkin

But Taylor went upstairs and the Happy Cat came down. And Happy Cat said , “where are you Taylor”? Shawn went up up up to look for Happy Cat and Taylor too. But Taylor was not there. The Happy Cat was.

 Meet Taylor  Meet Shawn

The Scarecrow made a growly scary noise. And the Scarecrow went into the house and scared all the people away. But Happy Cat stayed in.

The Happy Cat and all the family that are nice loved each other, but not the Scarecrow or the Pumpkin. The Pumpkin does not feel good and he is mean.

The End. The family is good.

Age 4

Submitted: September 15, 2004