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* Original Short Stories

Julie and Her Lion Cub

Julie took a trip with her mother and father to Africa. Her parents were photographers. While there, Julie saw an abandoned lion cub. The men at the game reserve where they were staying had taken in the female cub when they had found her alone and hungry where her mother had left her. Julie felt sorry for the cub. They let her feed her and sit with her.

When Julie and her Mom and dad were ready to leave, she wanted to keep the lion cub. But her parents told her she would have to leave the cub behind. Her father said "The cub is wild. She would not survive as a pet. we have lots of pictures of her. Also of the two of you together. I'm sure the people here at the game reserve will keep you up to date on what happens to her.

Julie was very sad to have to leave her new friend. But she believed her father and she left her cub with the people who would take care of her.

Her father was right. The people at the reserve did keep her up to date. The cub grew up to be a beautiful lioness, and one day had a cub of her own.