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More Short Stories

* Classic Short Stories
* Original Short Stories

Mr. Potter's Magic Pet Shop

There once was a Pet Shop where you could go and the owner, Mr. Hiram Potter would ask "What kind of animal would you like?" Then when you told him, he would then ask, "What color?"

Well, once a little boy named Billy came into the pet shop looking for a dog. He said he wanted a polka dotted cocker spaniel puppy. Well, Mr. Potter gave Billy what he wanted. Billy's dad paid for the puppy and they started home.

On their way a man who said he owned a circus stopped them. "I want you and your rare puppy to come and be in my circus." So Billy and his mom and dad took the puppy which Billy had named Confetti because of the tiny purple polka dots all over his back.

Confetti was shown all over the world. Until Billy got tired of having to him with so many people. So one day Billy took Confetti back to Mr. Potters Pet shop and told him to change him back into a black cocker spaniel so that he wouldn't be different and he'd be just Billy's little black puppy. So he wouldn't have to share him with the whole world. So Billy had his puppy back. He called him Blackie (his name was also not unusual) So they grew up together, and lived happily ever after.