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More Short Stories

* Classic Short Stories
* Original Short Stories

Billy the Class Bully

In Elmwood Elementary School there was a boy named Billy who was Mrs. Wilson's class Bully. He caused so much trouble in her class that she found it hard to teach class. He would push kids. Not only in the classroom, but on the playground. He would take their lunches and sometimes even call them names.

Billy had no friends. Until one day a new boy named Richard came to Elmwood. Billy started right off pushing Richard around. But, the more he tried to make Richard mad, the more Richard would talk to him and tell him that he just wanted to be his friend. He said "Why do you always try to make kids not like you? We could be go friends."

Billy started thinking. He said "Maybe we COULD be friends. OK, lets try it. We could eat lunch together." So that's what they did. After school they walked home together. They found out that they lived close to each other.

So from that day on Billy and Richard were the best of friends. Billy also made other friends because of his friendship with Richard. He found that being a friend made him a lot happier then being a Bully.