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* Original Short Stories

Turn About

Stuart and Steve were twin brothers. Stuart loved to play basketball. But Steve loved to read books.

Then one day Stuart was playing basketball and he fell and broke his leg. When they took him to the hospital the doctor said he wouldn't be able to play for six months. He was very unhappy about that. Steve went to visit him and brought him books on Basketball. At first Stuart wasn't going to read them. Then he began to look at them and saw that there were ways he could play better basketball. So Stuart was glad that Steve gave him the books. He began to think that books weren't that bad.

When Stuart's leg started getting better, Steve would help him by going for walks with him. First he had to use crutches then a cane. But, they would walk and then sit and read their books.

Finally, Stuart's doctor said he could start playing some ball. They started tossing the ball back and forth. Then Stuart showed Steve how to toss for baskets. Steve found that he enjoyed it.

Then one day. Stuart was about ready to start playing basketball. Steve went to the games. He really enjoyed it. Stuart and Steve would practice basketball and also read books together.

So you can see, when something sad happens. Something good may happen. Steve showed Stuart about books and Stuart showed Steve about basketball. So it you try; showing you brother or sister or friends something that you like to do and they can show you something that they like to do, you can explore new things.

Have fun exploring.

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