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* Original Short Stories

Kermit the Flea

Kermit was a flea that lived on a beautiful golden lab named Sandy.

Sandy's owner was Mr. Purdy. Mr. Purdy owned a traveling flea circus. Every morning Kermit and his friends and relatives walked down Sandy's leg and on to the traveling circus, which Mr. Purdy set on the kitchen floor so they could all go to their own acts. Kermit did an acrobatic act with his cousin Sadie. They were the top act in the circus. They would jump and twirl around
a pole.

Mr. Purdy's flea circus would perform at birthday parties, store openings and convention. They had great fans.

Then one day, a terrible thing happened. Sandy started scratching herself. She began to get sores all over her body. The vet that Mr. Purdy took her to said she would have to be treated for fleas.

Mr. Purdy was very upset. He told the vet that he would bring Sandy in the following day. So that night Mr. Purdy put the flea circus on the floor and all the fleas came down Sandy's leg just as they did every morning. When they were all off Sandy and in the flea circus, Mr. Purdy decided that his fleas would live in the flea circus until he could get Sandy or maybe a new dog for them to live on. They were very happy living in the circus. They continued to perform for a long time to come.

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