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* Original Short Stories

Maxie the Mutt

There once was a dog named Maxie. He wasn't much to look at. His hair was all shades of brown and black. But he was one of the most lovable pups anyone could ever have.

Maxie was owned by a pretty little girl named Beth. She loved Maxie very much. But she lived next door to a girl named Brenda who had a Poodle named Louie. Louie was a winner of many ribbons at dog shows. He was a purebred dog with owners papers. The only papers Maxie had were in his litterbox.

Beth thought it would be terrific if Maxie could be in a dog show and win ribbons But try as she may; she couldn't get Maxie in a dog show.

But the more Beth thought about it the more she thought Louie was a stuck up, bad tempered dog. So she decided she didn't care about dog shows. Her Maxie was special in so many ways. So what if he didn't have special papers. He was always there when she needed a friend. She wouldn't trade him for any old dog with ribbons. She and Maxie were best friends. Which means a lot more.