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* Original Short Stories

Timmy the Termite

Once there was a termite named Timmy. He was very unhappy with his food. He decided to try to find something new to eat.

First he went to Clucky the chicken and tried chicken feed. He didn't think it had enough flavor.

So he went to Tabitha the cat and tried cat food. He said it was too wet.

Then he went to Buster the dog and Buster gave him a bone. Timmy thought it was far to big and hard.

He searched and searched for something that would please him more then wood.

He tried the horse's oats. They were pretty good. But after looking and looking he decided he would stick with what he had. So he went home and found a piece of wood and sat down to a wonderful feast.

Timmy the termite lived happily ever after. However long that is for a termite.